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Thu, Sep 22, 2016
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Jon Paris
(System i Developer)

Jon has been involved with the IBM midrange since he fell in love with the System/38. Ultimately this affair led him to join IBM in 1987 at the IBM Toronto Laboratory. As part of the Languages Architecture and Planning Group, he had responsibility for the RPG and COBOL languages. He played a major role in the definition of the new RPG IV language and in promoting its use with IBM Business Partners and users.

Jon left IBM in 1998 to focus on developing and delivering education centered on enhancing IBM i application development skills. He is an award winning speaker at User Group meetings and conferences around the world.

Jon works with Susan Gantner in their education and consulting company, Partner400. He is also a founding Partner of System i Developer, the producers of the RPG & DB2 Summit conferences.


Susan Gantner
(System i Developer)

Susan began her career as a programmer developing applications for companies in Atlanta, Georgia, working with a variety of hardware and software platforms. She joined IBM in 1985 and quickly developed a close association with the Rochester laboratory during the development of the AS/400 system.

Susan worked in Rochester, Minnesota for 5 years in the Rochester Technical Support Center. She later moved to the IBM Toronto Software Laboratory to provide technical support for programming languages and AD tools on IBM i.

Susan left IBM and formed Partner400, where, with Jon Paris, she focuses on teaching and enabling customers to take advantage of the latest programming and database technologies on IBM i. Susan is a regular speaker at user group and other technical conferences around the world and holds a number of Speaker Excellence medals. She is a Technical Editor, regular author and blogger for IBM Systems Magazine. Follow the blog she writes with Jon Paris at

Susan is one of the founding Partners of System i Developer, producer of the RPG & DB2 Summit - an educational gathering of developers of IBM i applications.


Tom Mckinley
(IBM Lab Services)

Tom Mckinley is an IBM Lab Services consultant specializing in DB2 for i from Rochester MN. Tom has worked on DB performance including benchmarks on Very Large Databases running on IBM i for many years. He has analyzed DB performance on IBM i systems ranging from the smallest to the very largest. The first 20 years of his DB career were spent doing DB2 development as part of the SLIC team. He was one of the leaders for the SQL Query Engine project. Tom is a frequent speaker at IBM and various user group conferences.


Brian Garland
(Vermont Information Processing, Inc. (VIP))

Brian Garland has been involved with the IBM midrange line since 1984. While in college he took a part time job at a food distribution company working with a System/34. He eventually became lead developer for that company transitioning to the System/36 and then the AS/400. In 1995 Brian moved to Vermont Information Processing (VIP) and has been working on that ISVís Route Accounting System since. While at VIP Brian has explored all kinds of technology beyond RPG (CGIDEV2, MMAIL, FTPAPI, HTTPAPI, JSONUTIL, YAJL, Node.js). Currently Brian is on the team migrating VIPís ďGreen ScreenĒ application to the browser. Brian is a native Vermonter and outside of work is the leader of the Boy Scout troop in his home town and enjoys hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Brian is also a member of the VTMUG Board of Directors.


Ryan Eberly
(Goodville Mutual: Lancaster, PA)

Ryan Eberly Joined the RPG programming community two years ago, coming from a decade of java programming. He works remotely for Goodville Mutual, a regional P&C insurance carrier based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where he grew up. He now lives in Johnson, Vermont with his wife and four children. In the technology realm, Ryan is passionate about leveraging open source, code analysis tools, and test automation. His contributions to the open source community include CFLint (ColdFusion code analysis tool), and OpenLegacy (IBMi to web framework).

Ryan enjoys exchanging ideas and can be reached at and on LinkedIn.


Chris Koppe
(Fresche Legacy )

Responsible for overall corporate strategy at Fresche Legacy, Chris Koppe has led the development of legacy management strategies for hundreds of companies, across a variety of platforms, languages, databases, and technologies. He has accumulated a wealth of best practice expertise that covers everything from discovery and planning through to deployment, project governance, audit and recovery for large-scale legacy management projects. Widely recognized as a thought leader in legacy modernization, Chris's expertise has helped companies worldwide develop and execute successful legacy management and modernization strategies.


Glen Marchesani
(Accur8 Software)

Glen Marchesani is Co-founder and President of Accur8 Software. Accur8 develops and sells a suite of products and application development services powered by its data virtualization technology, a leading edge approach to data integration. He has 25+ years of extensive software development experience. He has pioneered over 15 products in fields such as control systems, nuclear threat analysis algorithms, and software architecture for testability. He was a lead product developer for Seagull Software; consulted to Oak Ridge National Laboratories and was founder/President of Emeris Software, a boutique software development company for eight years prior to starting Accur8 Software.

Glenís programming career began in childhood when his uncle gave him an Atari 400 with nothing but basic and a cassette tape on it. He later convinced his parents to buy him an IBM PS2 Model 50 PC. He graduated to an IBM midrange computer at 13 when his father (Skip Marchesani), an IBM Systems Engineer, managed to smuggle an AS/400 model C25 into the house. Upon discovering that system had a gig of DASD Glen somehow convinced his Dad to get a 5250 emulation card and Glenís legacy application enablement career took flight.

Glen loves the challenge of building software that combines great user experience coupled with exceptional software processes to create great value for customers. He resides in Brattleboro, Vermont with his wife and their stable of horses.